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Refund Banker Scheme-Taxpayers can view status of refund through online…

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Refund Banker
The ‘Refund Banker Scheme,’ which commenced from 24th Jan 2007, is now operational for taxpayers assessed all over India (except at Large Taxpayer Units) and for returns processed at CPC (Centralized Processing Centre) of the Income Tax Department at Bangalore.
In the ‘Refund Banker Scheme’ the refunds generated on processing of Income tax Returns by the Assessing officers/ CPC-Bangalore are transmitted to State Bank of India, CMP branch, Mumbai (Refund Banker) on the next day of processing for further distribution to taxpayers.
Refunds are being sent in following two modes:
RTGS / NECS: To enable credit of refund directly to the bank account, Taxpayer.s Bank A/c (at least 10 digits), MICR code of bank branch and correct communication address is mandatory.
Paper Cheque: Bank Account No, Correct address is mandatory. 
Taxpayers can view status of refund 10 days after their refund has been sent by the Assessing Officer to the Refund Banker – by entering ‘PAN’ and ‘Assessment Year’ below.
Other Refunds
Status of ‘paid’ refund, being paid other than through ‘Refund Banker,’ can also be viewed at by entering the ‘PAN’ and ‘Assessment Year’ below.
‘Refund paid’ status is also being reflected in the ‘Tax Credit Statements’ in Form 26AS.
Check your refund   –          click here

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Please click on the following link


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Please Click on the following links and get the details

Yours comradely,

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Dear Comrade,
                     The Central Executive Committee Meeting will be held on 22-01-2013 to 23-01-2013 at Bhubaneshwar. The Details available on Please vist.

Yours Comradely,

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List of empanelled Hospitals & Diagnostics Centre in Kolkata by CGHS

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21 Records Found
B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre, 1/1 National Library Avenue, Kolkata 700 027 [Tel: 033 – 2456 7890 / 2456 7777]HospitalSpecialised purpose [Cardiology and Cardio-thoracic surgery] and diagnostic services [Laboratory].
Cancer Centre Welfare Home & Research Institute, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Thakurpurkur, Kolkata 700 063 [Tel: 033 – 2453 2781 / 2467 4433]HospitalSpecialised purpose [Cancer treatment including radiotherapy] and diagnostic service [laboratory, USG, CT, Mammography and X – Ray].
Dafodil Nursing Home (P) Ltd., 276 Canal Street, Kolkata 700 048 [Tel: 033 – 2534 6649 / 2534 5681]HospitalGeneral, Specialised purpose [Haemodialysis, TURP, Laparoscopic surgery, IOL implant, Joint replacement] and diagnostic services [Laboratory, CT, USG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray].
Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, 124 Mukundapur, E. M. Bypass, Kolkata 700099 [Tel: 033 – 2436 4000 / 3001 4000]HospitalCardiology and Cardio-thoracic surgery
Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre, HB – 36 / A / 1, Sector III, Salt Lake City. Kolkata 700016 [Tel: 033 – 2358 0201 / 2334 1628]HospitalSuper-speciality eye care [Cataract / Glaucoma, Retinal – Medical & Vitreo-retinal surgery, Strabismus, Occuloplasty & Adnexa and other specialised treatment].
Silverline Eye Hospital, 396 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata 700 045 [Tel: 033 - 2472 0836 / 2473 6940]HospitalSuper-speciality eye care in Cataract / Glaucoma, Medical retinal, Retinal and Vitreo Retinal surgeries.
Dr. Nihar Munshi Eye Foundation, 1/3, Dover Place, Kolkata 700 019HospitalSuperspeciality Eye Care [Cataract / Glaucoma, Retinal-Medical & Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Strabismus, Occuloplasty & Adnexa]
B. P. Poddar Hospital & Medical Research Limited, 71/1, Hamayun Kabir Sarani, New Alipore, Block G, Near Durgapur Bridge, Kolkata 700053HospitalMulti-speciality general purpose hospital
Behala Balananda Brahmachari Hospital & Research Centre, 151 & 153 Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700 034HospitalGeneral purpose treatment and diagnostic procedures.
Shankernath Dialysis Centre & Nursing Home, Swiss Park, KolkataHospitalSpecialised treatment for dialysis (Haemodialysis) only.
Belle Vue Clinic, 9 Loudon Street, Kolkata 700 017 [Tel: 033 – 2287 2321 / 2287 7473]Diagnostic CenterLaboratory services, CT, Mammography, USG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray.
Eastern Diagnostics & Medical Centre Ltd., 13-C Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata 700 016 [Tel: 033 – 2217 8080 / 2217 8181]Diagnostic CenterLaboratory services, CT, Mammography, USG / Colour Doppler, X – Ray and Bone densitometry.
MAA Durga Diagnostic Centre, Goodluck House, P – 62, C. I. T. Scheme – VII(M), Kolkata 700 054 [Tel: 033 – 2355 8534 / 2355 9471]Diagnostic CenterLaboratory services and USG / Colour Doppler.
Mediclue Research & Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., 68 Chowringhee Road, Kolkata 700020 [Tel: 033 – 2281 1138 / 2281 1139]Diagnostic CenterLaboratory services, CT, USG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray.
Medinova Diagnostic Services Limited, 1 Sarat Chatterjee Avenue, Kolkata 700029 [Tel: 033 – 2466 3651 / 2466 1780]Diagnostic CenterLaboratory services [Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry], USG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray.
N. G. Medicare & Calcutta Hope Infertility Clinic, 123A Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata 700 029Diagnostic CenterLaboratory Services, CT, USG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray.
Suraksha Diagnostic & Eye Care Centre (P) Ltd, P 118, CIT Road, Scheme VI M, Phoolbazar, Kolkata 700 054Diagnostic CenterCT, USG and X-Ray only
Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., BB-99 Prafulla Kanal, VIP Park, Kestopur, Kolkata 700 101 [Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., 106 Narkel-danga Main Road, Mangal Bhawan, A & B Block, Kolkata 700 054Diagnostic CenterLaboratory [Pathology excluding Histopathology, Biochemistry], CT, USG and X-Ray only
Dr. Lal Path Labs Pvt. Ltd., 20 Asutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 020Diagnostic CenterDiagnostic centre [Clinical pathology except Histopathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology]
Calcutta Heart Research Centre, KolkataDiagnostic CenterCT, USG / Colour Doppler and X-Ray only
Patho Treat Diagnostic Centre & Polyclinic, Dum Dum Road, KolkataDiagnostic CenterUSG / Colour Doppler and X – Ray.


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Confederation News : One day strike on 12th December, 2012 - charter of demands

The Confederation of Central Government employees and workers in its last National Council meeting decided to call upon its members to organise a day's strike on 12th December, 2012 in  pursuance of a 15 point charter of demands, which include inter alia setting  up of the 7th CPC for wage revision, withdrawal of PFRDA Bill and extension of the defined benefit pension scheme to all Central Government employees  irrespective of date of their entry into Government service, removal of conditions imposed on compassionate appointments', stopping outsourcing  contractorisation, five promotions in the service career as is provided to the organised group A services , merger of DA with pay, acceptance and implementation of arbitration awards, revival of the JCM functioning etc. .

The Secretary General K.K.N.Kutty have also written to the Secretary Generals of AIDEF, INDWF, AIRF, NFIR and FNPO seeking their support.

We have enclosed herewith the charter of demands.


1. Revise the wages of the Central Government employees with effect from 1.1.2011 and every five years thereafter by setting up the 7th CPC.

2. Merge DA with pay for all purposes with effect from. 1.1.2011.

3. Remove 5% restriction imposed on compassionate appointments and the discrimination on such appointments between the Railway workers and other Central Govt. employees.

4. (a)  Revive the functioning of the JCM.  Convene the meeting of the Departmental Councils in all Ministries/Departments.  Settle the anomalies raised in the National Anomaly Committee as also in the Departmental Anomaly Committees. Hold National Council meetings as specified in the JCM constitution. (b) Remove the anomalies in the MACP Scheme.(c) Grant recognition to all Associations/Federations, which have complied with the formalities and conditions stipulated in the CCS(RSA) Rules.

5. Fill up all vacant posts and creates posts n functional requirements.

6. Stop downsizing outsourcing, contractorization, corporatization and privatisation of Governmental functions.

7. Stop price rise; strengthen the PDS.

8. (a) Regularise the daily rated, contingent, casual workers and introduce a permanent scheme for periodical regularisation; (b) Promote all eligible Grameen Dak Sewaks of Postal Department against 50% Postmen Vacancies and 100% MTS vacancies without resorting to direct recruitment. (c) Raise the Bonus ceiling of GDS employees on par with other workers in the country.

9. (a) Stop the proposal to introduce the productivity linked wage system; (b) discard the performance related pay structure;(c)  introduce PLB in all Departments; (d) remove the ceiling on emoluments for bonus computation.

10. Revise the OTA, Night duty allowance and clothing rates.

11. Implement all arbitration awards;

12. Make the right to strike a legal and fundamental right of the Government employees on par with the other section of the working class.

13. Grant 5 functional promotion to all employees as is provided for in the case of Group A services.]

14. (a) Withdraw the PFRDA Bill. (b) Rescind the decision to allow FDI in pension sector;(c) Scrap the new contributory pension scheme (d) Extend the existing statutory defined pension scheme to all Central Govt. employees irrespective of their date of entry in Government service.

15. Vacate all Trade Union victimisation, and more specifically in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department.

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS: Latest list of Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories in Kolkata

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS: Children Education Allowance Clarification

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CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS: Children Education Allowance Clarification

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS: Central Government Employees will go on one day's strike on 12.12.12

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CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS: Central Government Employees will go on one day's strike on 12.12.12

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Immediate Implementation of unnecessarily long-overdue CADRE RESTRUCTURING from back date! due date i.e. retrospective effect — Urge for | 10:49 PM | Be the first to comment!

Phone: Resi:-
Member, Departmental Council (JCM)
(from Ministerial Staff Association, Survey of India)


C/O-West Bengal & Sikkim GDC, 13, Wood Street, Kolkata:-700016 

No.J-MSA/Svy./29/2012 Dated : 05/08.11.2012

Most Important & Most Immediate 
By FAX / Speed Post 
Dr. T. Ramasami,
Hon'ble secretary to Govt. of India, Ministry of Science & Technology, 
Department of Science & Technology, Technology Bhavan, New Meherauli Road,
New Delhi — 110016.

( Kind Attentions of the Hontble Secretary,J.S.(A) & The Responsible U.S. of SMP Divn.,DST)
(Fax Nos.011-26863847/26862418/26515637) 

Sub: Immediate Implementation of unnecessarily long-overdue CADRE RESTRUCTURING from back date! due date i.e. retrospective effect — Urge for. 

Ref: My detailed & self-explanatory letter for your kindself sent by Fax iis also by Speed Post vide No..1- MSA/Syy./26/2012 of October 05th/8th, 2012 with copy to the Flonible Cabinet Secretary to GOI, the Surveyor General of India, All Addl. SGs & Directors of SOI amongst others.

Kindly refer to the contents of my above stated Fax & Speed Post Letter on the subject issue which was / is quite detailed, & self-explanatory one in all respects.

2. In the aforesaid letter of mine, it will be recalled, I had referred your letter for me vide No.SM/11/ 03/2011 ofiuly.12th, 2012 and requested / urged the DST's Administration in general and your kindself in particular for an immediate completion of the processing in hand, if any, and implementation of the unnecessarily as well as awfully / dubiously-delayed CADRE RESPRUCTURING ( which is, practically, our 2nd CADRE REVIEW) in no time from back date / due date i.e. retrospective effect (19.12.2003) at the DST- level itself imposing war-footing emergency on the entire things in order to help avoid further exasperation / unrest / frustration in the minds of our members, executives & COBs as also to avert the deal of reasonable precipitation of the situation in the days ahead coupled with other measures to be adopted by us for getting the immediate needful done.

3. But, in fact, neither the Hot-1'1)1e Secretary & it. Secy.(A) themselves nor any other responsible person / official in the SMP Division appear to have looked least serious in the long-overdue matter 'nor any positive reply stating / explaining the exact situation or development has since been intimated. Kindly, therefore, do the needful immediately and before it is too late. In this connection it is re-iterated that we had already demanded segregation of the Ministerial portion of the much-awaited CADRE RESTRUCTURING from the consolidated proposals to helf pacify the sentiment of the aggrieved Ministerial Cadre. Please, therefore, look into this matter seriously.


Yours faithfully,

(T.D. Banerjee)
Member, Departmental Council (JCM)
(from M.S.A., S.O.I.)

Copy (by Fax as also by Speed Post) submitted to: The Honible Cabinet Secretary to the Govt. of India, New Delhi for kind information with the request for his earliest necessary action.
Copy to: The S.G. / Addl. SGs / All Directors of S.O.I. for kind information & necessary action, please.
Copy to: All COBs & Branch Secretaries of MSA. SOI for information & wide circulation with the request to please hand over a copy of this letter to concerned Addl. SGs/Directors.

Friday, November 23, 2012


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Dear Comrade,
                     One Day All India Strike on 12-12-2012 in pursuance to the fulfilling of the common charter of demands of the Central Government Employees on the call of the Confederation of the Central Government Employees & Workers, New Delhi-- Regarding.

                     Letters available on Download Page.

Yours Comradely,
MSA Web Team

Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Venue:- Orrissa Geo-Spatial Data Centre, Bhubaneshwar
Date:- 22-01-2013 to 23-01-2013.

Date of Reporting :- 21-01-2013.

Emergency Phone Numbers for Reporting:-

1. P.K. Dash(Secretary Bhubaneshwar Branch)

2. Md. Sayeed:- +91-9778477780

3. Ldmbodar Dehury:-+91-9853432647

4. B.C. Rout:-+91-9937442791

5. M.S. Barik:-+91-9437762561

6. R.C Tripathy:-+91-9437309946

**Important:- All Branches are also requested please inform over aforesaid Phone Numbers regarding the Number of attendees from each Branches, Schedule Arriaval Time at Bhubaneshwar etc. 


Route Direction from Bhubaneshwar Railwary Station>>>

1. Reach Bhubaneshwar Railway Station.

2. Exit Through Platform No. 1.

3. Take a Auto from Auto Stand & Proceed for Survey of India (SURVEY BHAWAN) VIA "PMG Square, Acharya Bihar, Appollo Centre, TV Centre, & H.S Concil Office.".

4. Fare is Between Rs. 80 to 100.


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Dear Comrade,

The Prestigious Central Executive Committee Meeting for the Year 2013 will be held at The Temple City of Bhubaneshwar (Venue:- Orrissa Geo-Spatial Data Centre) on 22-01-2013 to 23-01-2013. Necessary letters will be issued from the Secretary General of MSA at the Earliest. Please get ready to be a part of it. Only your valuable presence can make it Most Successful. For All Updates about the CEC Meeting please keep visiting this Web Site.

All Secretaries of MSA Branches are hereby informed to send their "Agenda of Points for discussion in the CEC Meeting" through email at by 07-01-2012.

Please Note:- If any MSA Member can not attain the Meeting they can send their Points / Speech for discussion in the CEC Meeting through email the same may be read out in the meeting and decision taken on the particular Point / Speech will be published in this Web Siteafter completion of the Meeting.

Yours Comradely,